Saturday, 18 May 2013

Shanghai To Seoul Korea

Alhamdulillah...I'm very very happy to announce yang our Shanghai trip already UPGRADED by the company to SEOUL...KOREA.This the second time the company sent to earth entrepreneurs korea.2008 first-served ... let us first picture ...beautiful memories

Little memories of 2008 ... 5 years already passed ..let us treat what is interesting in KOREA now...

I want to see all of Korea from N Seoul Tower !!..I LOVE TAKING PICTURES. OF EVERYTHING..I'm certain Korea has lots of wonderful and spectacular sceneries to offer.

They say that the view from N Seoul Tower is really beautiful and dynamic. Such as how Malaysia has KLCC Korea has N Seoul Tower. Imagine the view from up there! I want to see how Koreans look like from that height! And there are also lovers locked in there! If you ever have a lover, you put the key in there too;)

NAMI ISLAND: Not located in Seoul but only takes less than an hour and a half to get here take the subway. Famous drama Winter Sonata recorded here with beautiful views in the winter.

InsyaAllah .. September 2013 we will be leaving ... honestly can not wait for the winter time ..can play in the real snow is not like i-city Shah Alam..he3...

Anyone who loves travel & interested to travel for a FREE 3 times a year...!!!
Do not hesitate to call / whatapps / sms me Khairul: 013-2414727
NEW FOC trip Insha Allah will be unwrap very sooon!!

Lastly we treat video Korea 2008 1st trip ... good watch

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